Thursday, September 8, 2016

Posted by George Freund on September 5, 2016

After many long years of political correctness Americans and much of the free world are virtually oblivious to the nature and intent of the insult perpetrated on President Obama. Arriving in China for the G20 Summit no ramp was provided at the traditional exit door to Air Force One. There was no red carpet of course either. Obama had to disembark through another exit termed the 'ass' by some media. Of course in days past colored people as they were termed had seperate entrances to many buildings. In the day the servants entrance was termed the nigger's entrance. This was the nature and quality of the snub the Chinese foisted on the Commander in Chief of the United States. 

However, make no mistake about it. Obama was an illigetimate president from day one because he was born in Kenya. He has been a fraud for two terms of office. Unfortunately the constitution of the United States is meaningless to the majority of Americans. The hype created by the disinformation networks we call media are everything. 

Make no mistake about it. I'm glad segregation is gone, but I'm old enough to remember the days long before political correctness reared its ugly head. The Chinese know our history and the meaning of the slight they gave Obama better than we do. It was unexpected to be sure so they didn't have a backup plan. They just should have refueled and flown elsewhere, but that takes moral courage something Obama does not possess. He is George Soros' bitch and nothing is going to change that. The office of the president should command respect even if Obama doesn't. He stepped into the trap. The whole event will be swept under the carpet and relegated to Orwell's memory hole, but a billion Chinese are having the last laugh. 

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