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Secret Space Program Weapon Technology Seen Blowing Up Space X Rocket

Posted by George Freund on September 2, 2016

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) UpdateA reader on the Full Disclosure Project page was kind enough to supply a video from Third Phase of Moon demonstrating that the UFO seen in the failed Space X Rocket test is actually a bird.
This data invalidates the assertion that the rocket was destroyed by some kind of secret space program technology. 

While it can be disappointing to realize that something isn't what we thought, learning the truth is always of value. And as a community we should not be so quick to villainize those who concluded things that later turned out not to be accurate. Truth seeking is a group activity, not a solo venture, and this microcosmic example of the Space X Rocket explosion is proof of that. 

The important thing is that we worked together to discover what the truth is. 

Thank you to all those who investigated the matter and provided data accordingly. 

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Here is the Third Phase of Moon video. 

[Original article text]

During a recent test, Elon Musk's Space X rocket was destroyed. An object can be seen quickly flying past the launch platform, moving from right to left. The moment when the object enters the scene the test platform explodes, leading some researchers to suspect that the UFO played a part in the rocket's destruction.

Enerchi of Ascension with Earth produced a brief analysis of this event, positing that the UFO could have been part of an effort to destroy the device. And could have even been some kind of secret space program technology.

The object can be clearly seen in the screenshots captured. However, due to how quickly it moves through the camera shot, it is difficult to know exactly what occurred.

 What we do know for certain is that the objects appearance coincided with the destruction of the rocket. Whether or not the strange object caused the event remains unclear. And if the Space X rocket intentionally was destroyed, it raises the question as to why. What can be gained from thwarting a Space X rocket test?

PS: While the original headline of this article implies that the object is definitely SSP technology, I remain skeptical about what the UFO in question ultimately is. More analysis and possibly confirmation from insiders would be needed to make a definitive conclusion. 
- Justin

Source - Ascension With Earth

by Enerchi, September 2nd 2016

You will see a small looking ufo/object buzz by the rocket as it explodes! The ufo buzzes by the head of the rocket coming from the right side and moving to the left side of the screen at incredible speed. This is definitely some type of secret space program weapon technology being used. The secret space program war is in full affect and this time in full view.

Really cool stuff here if this is a legitimate sighting.

At this link provided by BBC News YouTube Channel you get a 1 minute and 17 second video capturing the Space X Rocket explosion in high definition. See link here...

I wanted to go a little deeper in detail so I took 10 screen shots, each represent a frame moving forward in time. The total time represented in the ten sequential screen shots is less than a half a second. Maybe someone can calculate the time frame of the 10 video frames and can also determine the speed of the objects? If anyone whats to get their mathematics on, then just send me an email with your engineering analysis of the UFO speed, trajectory, and even the size of the UFO.

First Frame

Screen shot capture at the time mark 0:00:01:03
Notes: First frame before the UFO/Object enters the video

Second Frame

Screen shot capture at the time mark 0:00:01:04
Notes: A single UFO enters video frame at the top right corner

Third Frame

Screen shot capture at the time mark 0:00:01:05
Notes: A second UFO seems to appear on the immediate left side of the right most tower. The first UFO is in the same position as seen in the second frame. Not sure if this is the same UFO or completely different. Is the UFO traveling so fast that this is an artifact blur?

Fourth Frame

Screen shot capture at the time mark 0:00:01:06
Notes:Interesting how the two UFO's appear to move. Need more advanced analysis to determine how the movement is occurring. Is this one UFO or two?

Fifth Frame

Screen shot capture at the time mark 0:00:01:07
Notes: First frame which we see that the Space X Rocket is in the process of exploding. UFO seems to appear slightly off center to the right of the rocket nose cone. Other UFO is seen between the first two towers.

Sixth Frame

Screen shot capture at the time mark 0:00:01:08
Notes: Only one UFO is appearing on this frame

Seventh Frame

Screen shot capture at the time mark 0:00:01:09
Notes: This frame is interesting because the video seems to freeze at this point in time since it captures the same frame as frame #6. Not sure if it is a video tamper, or the recording was faulty at this moment in time.

Eighth Frame

Screen shot capture at the time mark 0:00:01:10
Notes: Only one UFO is seen on the upper left side of video frame.

Ninth Frame

Screen shot capture at the time mark 0:00:01:11
Notes: UFO is still in frame and looks to appear behind the left most tower near the top. This is the last frame that captures the UFO.

Tenth Frame

Screen shot capture at the time mark 0:00:01:12
Notes: UFO no longer in video frame

So what is this object flashing across these video frames at incredible speeds?

Alien Space Ship? Secret Space Program Weapon Technology? Bird? My Imagination? Is this corporate sabotage from competing businesses that want to see Elon Musk fail?

To me it seems like a highly advanced military weapon. Not sure why they want to blow up Elon Musk's Space X Rocket. You may recall back on June 8th, Elon Musk met with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter at the Pentagon. It was supposed to be a secret meeting but it seemed to have been leaked for certain reasons. You can read a CNN article about this secret pentagon meeting with Elon and Carter at this link here....

Interesting to say the least. I'm sure in the coming days we will see more in depth analysis of the UFO flyby.


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