Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The ‘Zapruder Film’ of the Orlando Mass Shooting Event? 

By ‘Mark Radziwon’
(MHB Commenter)
I have been following this event very closely, and am pretty up-to-date on all the videos and ideas that have emerged. First, I believe that the timing of this event – happening precisely the weekend that major US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off as candidates – adds suspicion to its origin.
Second, when you go over the google maps of the Pulse club and the hospital they were taken to, you can literally walk out of the front of the Pulse, look down the street and see the large emergency room of Orlando hospital, a level one trauma center. It is measured at 1200 feet feet from the door of the Pulse to the door of a level one trauma center.

If you were tasked with setting up a ‘false flag’ event like this, you would want to do it at 2am, when there would be the fewest number of outside witnesses, and you would want the smallest possible corridor from your shooting scene to the medical treatment facility – if you wanted to control all aspects of the false flag. 1200 feet from the pulse to a level me trauma center. 1200 feet. 

1200 feet.
Even if you make the assumption that many gay bars will be in the vicinity of downtown populated areas – say Christopher Street in NYC- how many gay clubs are located within 1200 feet of a level one trauma center? There cannot be that many.
Really, if you move the shooting 1200 feet, you are in the emergency room bay of a level one trauma center.
1200 feet.
The only argument for not taking a hundred casualties to multiple hospitals – which is the standard practice – why would you swamp a single hospital with a hundred casualties : the only possible excuse would be if that hospital is within sight of the crime scene. So this is just perfect for a scenario where you needed total control of the scene.
Now, most of the hoax community has done a great job of showing the probable use of crisis actors, in what appears to be an entirely manufactured scene – what I think hadn’t been focused on, and what can be studied by folks with audio and visual tech skills in the two videos below, which show footage from what appears to be the 5 am entry of a SWAT team into the club.
This is a different way of digging into it : this is audio and video of when they entered the club. If someone has the skills to decipher exactly what was said, and also try to augment the visual – this is the Zapruder film of the event. It needs to be dissected for every piece of info.
I think there is clearly a helicopter overhead, filming. So where is that info? It sounds like they are yelling drop the bomb – which is their concussion grenade, I think. Did they drill a hole in the bathroom wall and fire it in? Can this bomb, dropping into a closed bathroom, kill whatever it lands on?
There is an incredible volley of automatic gunfire – hundreds of bullets.
There is screaming of orders- what is being said? There is a minute or so of not firing, then yelling, then a single gun shot. What was that single gunshot? At the end, there is a mechanical pounding sound, like a machine is breaking in the wall.
What was the sequence of events here? There are later pictures of the wall where they busted thru, and there are some bullet holes in the wall, but not nearly as many as were fired. The firing sounds appear to be loud enough that the automatic volleys sound like they are from outside the club, not inside it.
In the videos, there are photos that appear to be taken from a helicopter. They do actually show the only photos I have seen so far that show realistic people – two, on gurneys. One is covered with a sheet – this is the only photo that looks real to me. That scene needs to be careful dissected. There appears to be medical personnel off to the side. Who are these people? They appear to be docs in white coats, but not at the hospital.
Are there traffic cams between the pulse and the ER? Can anyone hack footage from these?
I was trying to think how could you tell if these casualties actually came to this hospital, and were treated for these injuries? Well, you have a huge hospital system, with thousands of people who log in.
There should be hundreds of pages of documents showing treatment, and specific injuries. More specifically, if they actually treated a hundred casualties that Sunday morning, there would be a vast record of blood bank use. The blood bank at that hospital should have vast documentation of all the units of blood used. If those documents are there- then maybe this occurred as it has been presented. But if there is not a vast record of blood bank use then there is a problem.
Again, as I said, the two videos I listed above have a lot of data about what transpired at 5am. This may be equal to the Zapruder film. What does it reveal, on microscopic examination.? I think I can make out, towards the end, that the film actually shows people exiting thru the hole in the wall. With contemporary forensic software – I think all this can be seen. Maybe there are clues therein.
So far, there is no rational explanation for why most people did not escape thru the exits. There is no rational explanation for why there is a three hour delay between the initial shooting at 2 AM, and the SWAT team entering at 5 am. It is totally insane to have left all those people to bleed to death over three hours. It would not happen in any normal situation. Not happen. Not happen.
Someone needs to explain why one of the worst massacres in US history took place 1200 feet from a level one trauma center, at 2 in the morning, on a weekend days after Hillary becomes the Democratic candidate, and needs a Big Bang start to the summer. In a gay nightclub, when LGBT is the hot topic issue.
Paul Craig Roberts offered 25,000 reward if anyone could offer video footage that actually shows real casualties, and any evidence that there was real shooting and injured bodies.
[Note: MHB cannot find evidence that Dr. Roberts offered a $25K reward for such footage. However, the Huffington Post Bloggers Club has in fact offered the equivalent amount “for information leading to [confirmation of] a false flag at Orlando.”-Ed.]
The above two videos are the best evidence that SOMETHING happened, and the shot taken from the helicopter shows, in my experience, an ACTUAL severely wounded, and probably one dead – victim. This is the place to start. This is the Zapruder film. What was the exact sequence of events here? What can be heard? What can be seen? What is that lone single final gunshot?

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