Saturday, June 4, 2016


"I think there is someone out there. And I believe we can find him."
-- Dr. Lee Gilbertson

Dr. Lee Gilbertson, a St. Cloud State professor who specializes in the computer mapping of crime, has uncovered at least four startling coincidences among many of the missing/drowned victims:
  • Victims tend to vanish between Thursday 10:00 PM and Sunday 4:00 PM, during the first half of the month.
  • 76% of the specific disappearances investigated, occured when "there's less than half of moon illumination."
  • The victims were attending college within 50 miles of I-94 between Moorehead and East Lansing. "Why is it so tight along that snake -- along I-94? It should be spread out."
  • The timeline of the drownings move in a consistent pattern. "East, west, east, west, east, west, north, south -- east, west, east, west, east, west, north, south. Now we start to see patterns that can't be explained."

"Now we can clearly say, it's definitely time to act."
-- Gilbertson

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