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The Battle Of Los Angeles

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It was a travesty that when the fireball over Russia exploded there were many skeptics that warned the media not to report anything for fear that the world would have panicked over a hoax. While the catastrophe was unfolding, NASA was giving the all clear for another asteroid that passed within 17,000 miles of Earth.
The mainstream news did not blink and strangely neglected to track the NASA near earth object until the next morning. By then the asteroid that nearly hit us became a non-story as the European press was broadcasting dash cam videos of brightly lit morning skies in Russia, explosions and Russian school children frightened by breaking glass in their classrooms.
It is peculiar that a natural event like this was not immediately reported in the mainstream media. After all of the cosmic dust settled I was encouraged by a colleague of mine to go back and re-open a few strange stories out of Russian prior to the Russian event and it was then I realized that in the year 2010, there were strange sounds that were recorded in Kiev and in the place where the fireball exploded, Chelyabinsk.
There were many skeptics that had indicated that the sound were the same sounds that were found in the film War of the Worlds. The truth is that there were many hoax videos found of the so called cosmic sounds, the one that was in Chelyabinsk seemed unique and chilling.
Chelyabinsk, happens to be one of Russia’s most vital industrial centers, and is just to the east of the Ural Mountains, on the Miass River, bordering Europe and Asia, with a population of 1.3 million people. In the late 1940′s, about 80 kilometers north of the city of Chelyabinsk, an atomic weapons complex called “Mayak” was built. Its existence has only recently been acknowledged by Russian officials. Mayak, bordered to the west by the Ural Mountains, and to the north by Siberia, believe it or not the Mayak facility in Chelyabinsk was the goal of Gary Powers’s U2 surveillance flight in May of 1960.
For forty-five years, the Chelyabinsk province of Russia was closed to all foreigners. Only in January of 1992 did President Boris Yeltsin sign a decree changing that. As a result, western scientists who studied the region declared Chelyabinsk to be the most polluted spot on Earth.
It also seems to be an area that has seen its share of unidentified flying objects and reports that there are extraterrestrial visitations happening often near the Ural Mountains.

The Chelyabinsk region is only 900 miles from Moscow and has long been a hub for the Russian military and defense industries.

UFO Russia Chelyabinsk State 12_23_11

When it was called Tankograd or “Tank City” it was as secure as Area 51. Secret weapons were tested there as was the Soviet Atomic bomb. It is also the area where Russian scientists allegedly reverse engineered German Luftwaffe “saucers.” In the 1930’s and 40’s the entire region was plagued with sightings of ghost rockets, bright lights, fireballs, and elliptical flying machines. Much of what was being tested was secret German and Soviet technology. The area is well immersed in many conspiracy theories and in the aftermath of the “meteor” event that happened there On February 14th, 2013 is it any surprise that more than half of the people surveyed in the Moscow Daily believe that the 500 kiloton explosion was not caused by a space rock, but by some sort of unidentified Ariel phenomena.
According to the newspaper, the other half prefer to believe in an assortment of bizarre explanations, including that the blast was a secret US weapon test, an off-course ballistic missile, a message from God, a crashing alien spaceship, or even an extraterrestrial Trojan horse carrying a deadly space virus to wipe out the Earth.
What most people do not know is how close Chelyabinsk and surrounding areas came to being leveled with millions dead. It was believed that whatever exploded above the area was far enough in altitude not to flatten buildings for hundreds of miles, killing the majority of people below.
There were several other fireballs sighted in Cuba, Japan, San Francisco and various other places immediately after. Chalk it up to possible hysteria, or an invasion of extraterrestrial anomalies that NASA was eerily silent about. It was brought up on the ‘Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ that the Russians were jaded about their fireball encounter and there really didn’t seem to be Russians freaking out over the matter.
The truth was even more peculiar, it seemed that the entire world was mum on what was happening not really knowing how grave it could have been. After statistics were released about the size and strength of the space anomaly there were a few signs of relief however the affairs of the world took precedent over affairs of the cosmos.
It wasn’t until the February 23rd, 2013 sighting over Los Angeles that there was even a blink of concern with regards to fireballs and what was happening in the sky.
The ironic thing is how close these fireball sightings were to the 71st, Anniversary of the Battle of Los Angeles, a little known piece of UFO history where a bright orange saucer shaped fireball was sighted over Culver City and prompted an air raid and anti aircraft batteries to open fire at 3:00 A.M.
On February 24th and 25th 1942, a huge orange light was seen in the sky. Many people on the ground reported that what they saw was large flying saucer and several smaller ones flying alongside it. In what is now known as the Battle of Los Angeles, 1,430 rounds were fired at the flying disc, as many as 25 smaller aircraft accompanied it.

In the beach communities of Southern California, the threat of an enemy invasion was always a possibility for that reason, the whole area of Santa Monica Bay, from Malibu to Palos Verdes, was protected with anti-aircraft batteries and searchlight brigades. The guns were known to fire at unknown or unauthorized aircraft almost every night. They also were known to do some “target practice” shooting at targets that were towed across the sky over the ocean by specially designed planes.
This time however a UFO that was 800 feet in diameter and elliptical moving across the sky. When fired upon, the ship did not veer off course and continued on its journey across the sky.
There were many people on the ground that were killed or wounded by unexploded anti–aircraft shells. There actually was a picture of the saucer that wound up in the Los Angeles Times. It showed the aircraft being fired upon and searchlights were zeroing in on the intruders.

There is much dispute over what had happened that night. The news programs that were broadcasting the event had described the strange craft as a blimp. However, a blimp would have been brought down by the anti-aircraft fire. It seemed that the unexplained aircraft over Los Angeles was impenetrable.
The attack on the United States was first assumed to be from Japan. In order to keep calm after the event, then-Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox concluded it was a false alarm. General George C. Marshal had concluded that it was “psychological warfare” and that it was carried out to generate panic.
In 1983, the Office of Air Force History concluded that an analysis of the evidence pointed to meteorological balloons as the cause of the initial alarm. However, today this story seems like a cover–up in order to censor the idea that the United States was unable to bring down a strange warship from the sky.
The case of the great Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942 has visual proof that something large was in the sky. It was tracked and spotted by air raid lights and photographed. The shape of the aircraft caught in lights and in the crossfire appears to look like a classic flying saucer.
Keep in mind that the Los Angeles UFO case, or “The Battle of Los Angeles”, is the single most heavily documented UFO case in the history of UFOs. Yet many people are unaware that it happened.
The entire incident lasted 20 minutes and in the aftermath more damage was done on the ground and there were people injured and killed. There was even a story about a downed plane that crashed on 180th and Vermont Street. The news did not say if the plane was brought down by friendly fire or if it was brought down by the UFO.
Eyewitnesses however claimed that the craft was immediately covered by a tarp and really no one knew if it was a Japanese plane, American plane or some unknown aircraft. It was reported that five people died from heart attacks and some died from automobile accidents, and there were a few injuries and property damage from falling shrapnel.
No one at the time suggested that anything out of this world was being seen over Los Angeles. In fact, it has been assumed that what was seen was a Japanese craft because there was a shelling of Santa Barbara just days before. These incidents hardened the resolve Franklin Roosevelt to sign into law “Executive Order 9066,” which authorized this act of “ethnic cleansing” and removing Japanese Americans, this placing them in Concentration camps.
It was 5 years later that a flying saucer had been seen over Los Angeles after Kenneth Arnold saw strange maneuvering aircraft over the Cascade Range in Washington State. The words “Flying Saucer” became the buzz word and from there many people recalled seeing the strange craft over Culver city and thought that perhaps what was seen was a “flying disc” and that the aircraft that came down in the area could have been one of the smaller craft accompanying it.
After the war, captured German scientists, who were based at Los Alamos and the White Sands Test Range in New Mexico, gave us the technology to build sophisticated air-to-air rockets. It is speculated that we were experimenting with back-engineered saucer technology that was allegedly provided by extraterrestrials.
Modeled on the German Wasserfall missile, many airborne rockets appear to have given us the capability to shoot down UFOs, at least occasionally. This may in part account for the Roswell, Aztec, and other possible UFO crashes in New Mexico in the late 1940s and early 1950s.
After the Roswell incident in 1947, there were many investigators that reopened the 1942 case and came to the conclusion that what happened during the “Battle of Los Angeles” had all of the earmarks of a classic UFO encounter with the military.
Looking back at the case it is remarkable at how many people died of heart failure during the incident and how many were killed because of mechanical failure and car crashes. A State Guardsman died of a heart attack while driving an ammunition truck, heart failure also accounted for the death of an air raid warden on duty, a woman was killed in a car-truck collision in Arcadia, and a Long Beach policeman was killed in a traffic crash in route to duty.
There was a lot of ordinance fired at the UFO and the object wasn’t even touched. It kept moving slowly across the sky.
Eyewitness reports from thousands with binoculars under the bright lights of the coast artillery verified the presence of one enormous, unidentifiable, indestructible object an object that could not come down after being shelled with 1430 rounds of ammo.
According to Richard Dolan a researcher on the subject “At least a million residents awoke to air raid sirens at 2:25am., and U.S. Army personnel fired 1,430 rounds of antiaircraft shells to bring down what they assumed were Japanese planes. But these were not Japanese planes.
George Marshall wrote a memorandum to President Roosevelt about the incident, which remained classified until 1974. Marshall concluded that conventional aircraft were involved, probably “commercial sources, operated by enemy agents for purposes of spreading alarm, disclosing location of antiaircraft positions, and slowing production through blackout.

In any case, what happened 71 years ago seems to be happening yet again after the meteor incident in Russia. There are so many unanswered questions as to what really happened and in both cases seeing does not always mean you can determine what really happened. In both the 1942 case and the Russian 2013 fire ball, the media wanted to ignore the story and even when they did report it they were either reporting a sensationalist account, or were forced into self censorship because of the anti-Japanese sentiment at the time. There were many excuses given by the mainstream media in the United States that details of the fireball event were sketchy and that there was no way to conform the event, even though many Russians had dash board cameras recording the event in real time. The images are breathtaking as with the ones we see from 1942.
They show what appear to be a classic UFO hovering over Los Angeles and a 71 year old mystery. The events that have been happening in 2013 are now arousing suspicion in places where you would think eyewitnesses would be satisfied with just a meteor story, however now more than half of the residents of Chelyabinsk, and much of the world are now questioning whether or not what they witnessed is the beginning of an invasion. If the Battle of Los Angeles is any indicator, the reports of alien saucers and crashed UFO’s became part of zeitgeist throughout the late 1940’s and 1950’s.
The conspiracy of cover-up about UFO’s came about during the cold war out of places like Area 51, Wright Patterson Air force base, and coincidentally Chelyabinsk as the U2 spy plane was interested in what was really going on there.
Now that things have gone full circle could we be witnessing the start of another possible extra terrestrial cycle where someone or something is trying to send us a cosmic message?
As they say there are no coincidences.

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