Monday, February 25, 2013

Conan O'Brien Exposes The Totally Controlled And Scripted Mainstream Media

The Liberty Movement has been pointing out for a very long time that all major news media outlets, from MSNBC to FOX, perpetrate almost the exact same propaganda.  Just as both major parties follow the same strategy book and support nearly identical policy initiatives, the MSM is notorious for pretending to be decentralized and objective, while in reality all channels are reading from the same script.  It is good to be vindicated every once in a while by a mainstream icon like Conan O'Brien, who in this segment exposes just a single instance of the media manipulation machine in action.
Ask yourself, if all media companies are separate companies, separate entities with their own writers and editors; if they truly are independent from one another and reporting the news from their own unique vantage point, then HOW is it possible that they are ALL reporting the same exact story written the SAME exact way with the same exact wording?  The only explanation is that every MSM outlet is being fed a portion (if not all) of their content from a single central source.  Who is this source?  Who is scripting the mainstream reality?

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