Friday, February 16, 2018


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The New World Order has commenced the spring mass shooting rampage season a tad early this year. We know the routine so well it's just a matter of waiting and watching for the flaws in the script. They can involve violations of the laws of science, multiple shooters, crisis actors, or very poor facsimiles of wounds. The greatest faux pas was one of the deceased victims sitting on President Obama's lap. This shooting is no different. As I scanned the various images one that popped out immediately was the subject Nicolas de Jesus Cruz has very red hair. In fact in the image above purporting to show his arrest it is clearly obvious the subject is wearing makeup. There is lipstick, eye liner and other makeup applied to the cheeks. I suppose a mass murderer would want to make a good appearance for the mass media exposure. 

After capture and a trip to the hospital Nicolas is paraded in the limelight again. However, his hair is much darker now. In fact it doesn't appear to be red at all. There are other differences as well. 

Our red headed subject has quite the tuft of hair. Our man in the hospital gown does not. There is a pronounced area of swelling above his upper lip. He might have received that in the incarceration process. Also take careful note of his demeanor. It is very subdued here. I wouldn't doubt he has been drugged with sedatives. In the top image he has a sinister catatonic look. Another point is he has no blood on him. After wading through a massacre with fatalities, he should be stained. Something to watch for would be his shoes. In mass casualty events mine were covered in blood or worse. 

In this shot the light is shining into his hair like the top photo. There is no red tint at all. This subject is no wearing makeup. If this is the real Nicolas, we can wonder if he was held in a hospital while the shooting rampage was carried out. In the top photo where he is holding a pistol it has a red plug at the end of the barrel signifying it is a fake. On blogs he's posted himself wearing a MAGA cap as if to imply that Trump supporters are irrational mental cases hell bent on waging jihad on their fellows. In the post election hyperbole it was the hard core democratic supporters who clamored for violence including outright murder openly. I don't think it would be a stretch they wouldn't stoop so low as to shoot up a school in reality of as a staged event to get their way. 

Of course we can clearly see here that this is our man. I can definitively say it is not based on the exposed ear lobe. It doesn't match the red haired individual at the top. There are distinct class characteristics. This was an amateurish attempt to malign the president and his programs. It further demonizes the second amendment, Christians and conservatives. Why would a budding lunatic need to disguise his face like this? It would most likely imply a deeply seated attempt to disarm and enslave WE THE PEOPLE. One of the most common methods the state employs to rule is with fear and terror. It also captures the news and Uranium 1 and the dirty tricks used in the last election are completely off the table. 

In case anyone implies all the changes we see happened in custody we see the subject taken away here has dark hair. So it is clear there are two individuals involved. With the preponderance of faked mass casualty events around the world, it is almost a certainty this was staged as well. It has all the hallmarks as we used to chime liked trained seals in previous days of Al CIAda. There is another factor as well. The killer was shooting indoors. There's a lot of gun smoke and particles in the air. I know I used to be covered in black soot when I requalified at an indoor range. The school wouldn't have a ventilation system either so it should be pronounced. It should definitely interfere with the highlights on the cheeks. 

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