Wednesday, August 3, 2016


 THE GMO SCRAPBOOK: THE WORLD-WIDE BEE DIE-OFF LINKED TO RISE OF ...  If you've been following the GMO labelling debate in various states, or for that matter, the pronouncements coming out of Dr. Goebbels' Propaganda Ministry I.G. Farbensanto in Berlin Washington,  there's absolutely no link between GMO use and rising cancer rates, falling crop yields, or the fact that world wide bees have been dying off.
But not so, according to this article shared by Mr. S.D., which highlights a recent study of the Royal Society:
We're Getting Closer to Knowing Why Bees Are Dying Off Worldwide
Note that according to this article, there is a clear link between the rise of neonicotinoid use, falling bee sperm production, and the collapse of the world bee population, so essential to pollination and thus, to sustaining the human food supply:
But new research published Wednesday in Proceedings of the Royal Society B suggests at least one primary cause: neonicotinoid pesticides, which have been mostly banned in the European Union since 2013.
Neonicotinoid pesticides were found to have decreased the sperm count of male bees by nearly 40 percent, as well as cutting their lifespan.
Neonicotinoids have been widely used for decades, but in the past several years concerns have been raised about their environmental effects, leading to the restrictions for countries in the E.U. Other countries, including the U.S., only lightly regulate their use.
That is to say:
Neonicotinoids, it turns out, are a form of contraception for bees.
And, dare I ask, given a similar curious fall in human male sperm production rates over the past few decades, could there be a link here as well? And (to continue this line of high octane speculation) might that have been the goal all along, with bees simply being "collateral damage" from the assault on the real target?
But there more here than meets the eye in this story. Back in the heady days of the administration of G.H.W. Bush and the first sprouting of the corruption we presently see in full bloom, when I.G. Farbensanto was pulling out all the stops to get its GMO products on the US and European markets, there were questions raised in Great Britain about the adequacy of the "science" behind their environomental and health impacts.  This went up to, and eventually involved, members of the Royal Society which - surprise surprise - were pressured to weigh in on the "safety" of the products. So it is this new study that captures my attention, for it suggests that the American corporate hold in the UK is beginning, perhaps, to diminish.
But the bottom line here is that the Royal Society has weighed in(better late than never), and said what anyone with half a brain already knew: there is a connection between neonicotinoids like glyphosate, chief ingredient of Mon(ster)santo's "Roundup", and the collapse of pollinator populations.
At least Russia gets it, and has banned GMOs.

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