Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Yoda: FBI Orders All Orlando Records Withheld from Public –Is This An Impeachable Offense for James Comey? 


Robert David Steele  https://memoryholeblog.com/2016/07/02/yoda-fbi-orders-all-orlando-records-withheld-from-public-is-this-an-impeachable-offense-for-james-comey/#more-30473
Phi Beta Iota

FBI Director James Comey is now leading a massive cover-up of all facts related to the Orlando false flag event. He has ordered all state and local agencies to withhold from the public all records relating to this event.
FBI asks agencies who responded to Pulse to deny records requests
This is utterly outrageous. If the Florida Governor had any integrity at all he would immediately nullify this order, countermand this order, and begin an independent investigation starting with the National Guard securing the crime scene and a fresh team video-taping the entire crime scene as it stands today, releasing that to the public immediately. All past photographs and videos of the alleged crime scene should be released to the public immediately.

The integrity of FBI Director James Comey is now totally suspect — from his obligations to the Rothschilds via his well-paid indentured service as a director of the world’s oldest most corrupt bank — the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (Holdings) — to his refusal to indict Hillary Clinton, something Wall Street clearly does not want, James Comey has become both the most powerful — and the most compromised — person in the US Government.
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