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Posted by George Freund on May 22, 2016

It appears another mysterious airline disaster is upon us. EgyptAir Flight MS 804 en route to Cairo from Paris crashed into the Mediterranean at about 00:30 hours Zulu. It was flying at about 11,000 meters and made a 90 degree turn. A futher 360 degree turn was made. It disappeared from radar at 3,000 meters. There were two smoke alarms recorded one in the lavatory and one avionics smoke. There were two window alarms as well. Debris was located about 180 miles (290 kilometers) off the port of Alexandria. The European Space Agency reported a fuel slick at co-ordinates 33°32′N 29°13′E. I see from these details we have quite a lot of numerology to support the classic case of designed conspiracy. Yet this is only the beginning. 

At Conspiracy Cafe we read and analyze the twilight language the holographic trail left embedded in all things. The algorithm can enhance the effect by connect obscure details across a multi dimensional trail. Few can appreciate the technique. Even less can employ it. Over the preceding weeks we analyzed a few Google doodles and retrieved some interesting results. We saw the pyramids in the Sygmund Freud Doodle and some air security issues in the Claude Shannon Doodle and the Sphinx in the William Shakespeare Google Doodle. There was also a cluster of the classic conspiracy numbers as well in the Freud doodle. The number 36 was revealed with the term bomb. Flight MS 804 made a 360 degree turn after the most plausible explanation of its demise was revealed to be a bomb. So you see many hints were waiting in the wings so to speak. In The Tempest it was an evil Algerian sorceress that plotted and the ship was returning from Tunis just like the Airbus. There was an Algerian on Flight MS 804. In Romeo and Juliet the love foil was Paris the city of the flight's origin. Pilot Mohammed Shoukair was from Giza the site of the pyramids as well.

Then things got really weird. The stewardess killed in the crash, Samar Ezz Eldin, posted a series of pictures on her Facebook page. This image above pretty much says it all. Samar obviously had prior knowledge of the fate of the aircraft falling into the sea. She wades through the water with her suitcase. In the William Shakespeare doodle Miranda gazes at the shipwreck in The Tempest. Here our Miranda walks away from it. 

Other images from her Facebook page include the above love for Islam and the Arabic message below that asks God for forgiveness.

"Oh my Lord if hearts of men become difficult... yours is not. Forgive me."

The way it is written some words are missing or in a wrong place of the sentence.

A nazar (blue bead) is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye

Weirder still is the blue amulet popular in Turkey. It protects the bearer from the 'evil eye.' Was that a reference to the all seeing eye of the police state surveillance grid of the western world. Was Samar the courier of the device used to bring down the aircraft. A psychic has opined that the object of the explosive was a "coffee maker." Could that imply the stewardess who has that fundamental in her job description. She also alluded to a man with curly hair and a button down striped shirt, a calm exterior chanting verse on the inside. Was it the prayer above? He was about six feet tall and smelled heavily of cologne. That may have been to mask traces of explosive. She highlighted the security issues and the Israelis. France was the scapegoat to a large crisis concerning the powerful. She further felt that an EMP weapon was used, but that doesn't jive with the eyewitness account of flaming wreckage. 

Amjad Awad (pictured) and his cousin Hakim Awad killed Ehud and Ruth Fogel and their three children in their West Bank home in 2011. They have been getting foreign aid since they were convicted for life

I have been laboriously going over the flight manifest. Many of the names are not properly spelled. Some do not return in any news feed. It makes one suspicious. Some are interesting in that they could very well be a primary target. Another a possible suspect. Victim Amgad Aiad didn't pan out. However, a similar name Amjad Awad did. He was implicated in murder and gets aid from the British government. Hopefully he is on ice as opposed to travelling the skies. There were three sky marshals aboard the flight. French intelligence was on alert. The Turkish authorities were expecting waves ot terror May 19. Somebody sure knew something was amiss. 

Ian Phillips with his children

A courier by the name of Ian Phillips missed the flight to eternity. He carries special documents. Governments frequantly do this with diplomatic packages. However, Mr. Phillips worked for a private company called CMS Network. Their clients are usually in the banking industry. That client cancelled at the last moment. Someone was reading the tea leaves if the document was the primary target. 

In the usual background check of passengers we would be remiss if we didn't search for a motive to eliminate a primary target. There are a few that make the short list. One is Geert Supré (56) of Belgium. He was an executive with Vanguard Logistics one of the world's largest non vessel distribution companies in the world. It is owned by New Zealand philantropist Glenn Owen. In the covert world of conflict in the Middle East this company could provide very adept cover for the movement of materials related to war. It must be a consideration. 

Another was Quentin Helouin of France. He was an executive with a company called Earthport. They do international payment transactions. They operate in 65 countries including Russia. In the world careening to conflict and with exposure of off shore accounts, that could be a position that could spell trouble. Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Yandex, Azimo, Viamericas, Russlavbank and Hyperwallet are clients. The Company has offices in London and New York.

In a bizarre spin this woman captured global headlines in 2011 when she was arrested by authorities in Egypt while the infamous Hosni Mobarak was President. Her name is Nancy Okail, the executive director of the Tahrir Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank devoted to the Middle East. Can you spell color revolution and regime change? There could be a case to assume she was and still is an asset of American intelligence. Though not on the flight her life long best friend was. 

Salah Abu-Laban and his wife Sahar Quaider, son Ghassan and daughter-in-law Reem As Saba’ee had been traveling together, wrote film director Osman Abu Laban, Abu-Laban’s nephew, on Facebook. Osman took part in funeral prayers for his relatives at a Cairo mosque on Friday and was seen sobbing into an imam’s arms. “Oh Lord, have mercy and forgive them, and make their final resting place up in paradise,” Abu Laban wrote.

Salah was not mentioned in the article reporting Nancy's plight. However, they were the only family fitting the description. Salah would have grown up in Cairo with her and been part of her network. Retirement comes at a cost sometimes if he was a primary target. We take note of the prayer. Common though they might be. Here it is specific. 

Another problem is there were two terror names on the flight manifest that could cause confusion. There was a Kuwaiti economist named Abdul Mohsen al Mutairi killed in the crash. There are two al Mutairi's Nasser and Khalid revealed as terrorists. Both are Kuwaitis. There is a Salaheldin Abu Laban listed as arrested in Syria for joining terror group Hizbul-Tahrir. However, it appears the people on the flight are the legitimate names and these similarities are just that. There was mention of a second Canadian on the flight, but there was no public disclosure of the name and the airline denies it. That is indicative of a primary target whose name is too sensitive to admit. Marwa Hamdy was the other. She was an IBM executive. They have many serious contracts in the military industrial complex I'm sure. 

There are more names to go through, but why deprive you of what we have thus far. Stay tuned. 

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