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History has shown that governments and religions would never surrender to a new idea or theory or even evidence that something is about to change. Did Pharaoh ever listen to Moses when Moses clearly gave him evidence to show that some powerful force was causing waters to divide, pillars of fire to appear and bushes to burn? Did Pilate ever listen to Jesus when he began speaking of another kingdom outside of the earth that he ruled in?
Were Jesus and many other “man gods” part of the first incarnation of extra-terrestrial hybrids that were chosen to impart knowledge to a civilization misguided by other chaotic extra-terrestrials that influenced the planet thousands of years prior to their arrival?
The Book of Genesis makes it clear that God created the universe and, consequently, that human beings were intentionally created by God to become caretakers and heirs to creation under his guidance.
The 6th chapter of Genesis indicates, however, metaphorically that there was a war between God’s creation and the observers that came from heaven to have sexual relations with the women.
According to scripture, the universe is already quite well populated with intelligent extra-terrestrials; they’re eventually identified in the scriptures as angels and demons.
In the year 593 BC, ancient history documents the early days of the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem. A man named Ezekiel witnessed a marvel in heaven, a wheel within a wheel spinning towards him. After speaking with the strange looking occupants of this flying wheel he was given instructions on how to use the heavenly event for leverage against idol worshippers.
Then comes the incarnation of Christ: the union of an extra-terrestrial God’s divinity with our humanity. Human beings were thereby placed at the center of the cosmic drama, which made no room for questions about the redemption of other intelligent beings.
The metaphor of the UFO, the alien, the conspiracy, and the final possession or surrender of earth and its inhabitants is slowly replacing the chariot of fire, the angel, evil, final judgment and rapture of the faithful into the presence of God.
We look at religion with our eyes squinting through a small hole. Equally, science seems to be looking through the same hole with eyes skewed and sees things in a different way.
In the small hole we see simple encounters throughout history as being godly and angelic and, as the hole widens through time, we see a new perspective that rips the hole even wider. We start to see a new religious and scientific synthesis taking place where man learns that his origins cannot be completely explained with science or religion unless we apply a migratory hypothesis. Man and his counterparts in the universe have quite possibly hopped from planet to planet and that the Genesis that we read about in the Bible is only part of the story and not all of it.
The Bible could be a book that explains the origins and the future of man in such a way not to upset or provoke a harsh response. It uses mythologies and metaphors that try to tell the story in storybook form.
It doesn’t want to reveal everything, it leaves the reader with the responsibility to use wisdom and realize that we have everything God has right at our fingertips and that if we apply them then we will find the truth. We will be able to figure out where we came from and what our origins truly are.
Nearly six thousand years ago, mankind kept scrolls and records that have been translated manipulated and falsely interpreted in order to keep the great mysteries, mysterious. Secrets have been held by high priests and secret societies for centuries and people still believe that covenants do not exist and that no one and no group can keep a secret.
Since the times of the ancient scribes, we have been able to produce more information with the aid of computers and retrieval systems. We have had people claim to find super intelligent codes in the Bible and we have found that magical interpretations have been replaced with somewhat scientific explanations – this takes away all faith in a magical God.
Keeping the faith in God in this age of “global enlightenment” is more frightening than it used to be. It is harder to believe and have faith when facts are demanded and an Apocalypse leaved nothing to the imagination.
The very insinuation that the Bible doesn’t explain everything about our creation sparks a lot of anger from Christian Fundamentalists that want to assure you that the Bible is full of facts that should not be questioned. Saying that the Bible is factual goes against everything that defines faith.
Faith to me has always been a strong conviction that something exists even though there is no proof that it does. Faith and belief have always been associated with second-hand information.
Those who dwindle in faith demand facts.
When it comes to facts about our origins, it is a tremendous challenge to convince a Bible literalist to explore what is called antediluvian history that has been written on ancient papyri scrolls found in caves near Qumran and the Dead Sea.
In these texts, there is a rich history written about a menacing group of what are now called “Fallen Angels.” The “Fallen Angels” of today’s biblical reference were called the Nun resh ‘ayin, ‘irin’ in Hebrew. The literal translation meant “the awakened” or “those who watch.”
The Greeks called these beings from heaven the Egrhgoroi egregoris or grigori.
The Watchers are a very influential race of heavenly beings that are talked about extensively within the pages of the apocryphal works of the Hebrews, such as the Book of Enoch and the Book of Jubilees. According to Hebrew tradition, their progeny bore from human women were named the Nephilim, a Hebrew word meaning ‘those who have fallen’ or ‘the fallen ones’, translated into Greek they were known as the gigantez, gigantes, or the “giants.”
The King James Version of the Bible mentions “The Watchers” in Genesis Chapter 6 and from there we hear of the great flood that was meant to destroy the hybrid offspring of the watchers.
The Bible tells this very ancient story which can be compared to a science fiction story of alien invasion. It begins with celestial beings coming to this planet, become enamored with the women and by having sex with them.
Their offspring become human-alien hybrids called the Nephilim. The Nephilim are believed to be giants. Christians have come to believe that the infamy of the Nephilim is the purported reason for “The Flood,” which according to some theologians was 120 years after the fall.
However, the ancient texts from the Sumerian record say that the Watchers and the Nephilim influenced humanity biologically and intellectually for over 11 centuries. For almost 12 hundred years, they interfered with humanity’s development before The Flood came along to destroy them.
Jared was a pre-Flood ancestor of Jesus. Jared was a descendant of Judah. His very name means “descending” as in he who descends from heaven or he who lived in the time of the descent. It was in the time of the descent of the watchers that Jared appeared. He was the seventh son after Adam and father of Enoch.
“The Fallen Ones” came down on top of Mt. Hermon, at the river Jordan – Jordan also means, to “descend or flow down.” The river Jordan is known as the place of descent or where beings descended from heaven.
You may not read about this ancient alien contact in the Bible but the record was made from the time of Jared through Enoch and Noah.
Much of what is known about the so-called ancient alien contact form the Watcher overlords takes place in several books that were expunged from the Bible.
The events were written in “The Book of Enoch,” “The Wars of Jahweh,” and The First and Second Book of Adam and Eve. These books were not included in the Bible; they were believed to be removed sometime in the 4th century A.D. Later, the books were banned at the Council of Laodicea (364 AD) along with forty two other books that some believe were stories of these so called “fallen ones” including upright walking reptilians that were pre Adamic.
It seems that even back then there was a cover-up by the ancient church about these beings from outer space.
Some of these lost books, or rejected books do in fact deal with prediluvian events, about which only intriguing hints may be found in Genesis. That several texts dealing with very ancient events were once in circulation to be later completely lost.
It has been assumed by many that the Watchers are so named, because they were set to the task of watching Man. However, if you read The Book of Enoch, where he speaks of being taken to the First and Sixth Heavens by the angels, you will see that they are watching the stars and the heavens – counting and measuring the motions of said stars and planets and cycles of time, as well as climatology and seismology.
The Watchers is the biblical name of these extra terrestrials and Anunnaki is the Sumerian name. According to religious belief, the rebellion of these so-called fallen ones is because of Lucifer also known by his ancient name Azazel. Lucifer tried to raise himself above God and fell from grace bringing with him the fallen ones.
While there is no biblical evidence to support the idea that the Watchers were all killed off after the flood, there is further belief that many of the Watchers had evolved and started to mimic human kind. The souls of these beings remained with the Earth and were given the power to attach themselves to humans. Humans, possessed with these beings, were transferring the power of these Nephilim into the bodies of their progeny.
Think of all of the child sacrifices that took place in ancient time. The possibility that this was a culling to eliminate the possession of the children by the Nephilim is a compelling possibility.
There is also the compelling possibility that these so-called progeny that survived The Flood were also worshiped and established ancient religions that were called blasphemous.
The evidence is found in the writings of the ancient atomists (Democritus, but especially Epicurus and Lucretius) as part of an overall philosophical argument against the various religions that appeared after the appearance of these beings.
According to Epicurus and Lucretius, belief that the gods interfere in human affairs was the root of all evil, causing human beings to engage in all manner of vile and foolish activities, from war to child sacrifice.
In Lucretius’s famous words (which 17 centuries later were to become a favorite taunt of the anti-Christian elements of the Enlightenment), “Tantum religio potuit suadere malorum” (Only religion was able to persuade men of [such] evil things).
Or belief in child possession – where ritualistically a child was put to death because of its possible heritage that leads back to the Nephilim.
The Nephilim or these extra-terrestrial Watchers have had their eye on this counter clock world for thousands of years – the slow revelation of disclosure has failed in the political arena, but has been hinted at recently from Vatican astronomers.
Rev. Christopher Corbally, S.J., an astronomer at the Vatican Observatory, believes that if we discover the existence of extra-terrestrials it will entail an expansion of the Catholic theology. He admits that “while Christ is the First and the Last Word (the Alpha and the Omega) spoken to humanity, he is not necessarily the only word spoken to the whole universe.”
Thomas O’Meara, O.P., Professor of Theology at Notre Dame, argues that “[t]he history of sin and salvation recorded in the two testaments of the Bible is not a history of the universe; it is a particular religious history on one planet.” For O’Meara, “the central importance of Jesus for us does not necessarily imply anything about other races on other planets. Believers must be prepared for a galactic horizon, even for further Incarnation.”
So this begs the question: Is this a gradual admission that the geocentric position of the church is now a thing of the past? Would a further incarnation mean that we will most definitely see the proof needed to open up to another doctrine, another dogma, and that this will be the next step in our ability to understand where we belong in the universe?
Will we once again or are we seeing an incarnation of these so-called fallen ones today? Do the ghosts of the Nephilim inhabit the bodies of some humans?
For thousands of years, the Catholic Church has guarded the secrets of the progeny of the Annunaki and the Nephilim.
However, the secret may soon be revealed that the extra-terrestrial questions can be answered not only from the Bible, but from ancient texts that also give a rich history of interaction with the Watchers that that came down from heaven and the possibility that there is has been a possession or a hybridization of humans with spiritual matter or even physical blood line connections to these “Watchers.”

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